Add Device

Add new hardware device to your account using android app.

Most of devices can be added by following same 2-Step procedure. But before moving forward, please make sure

  • Location is enabled (location needed by Android to find nearest wifi hotspots)

  • Connected with WiFi (need to connect with 2.4 Ghz wifi, 5 Ghz routers will not work)

  • Mobile data is disabled (Please turn off mobile data 3G/4G)


Tap Add Device option from menu. You will be asked to allow location access for the app (only first time). Now on the STEP 1 screen you will see your connected hotspot name. Enter password of selected hotspot and tap NEXT button. This hotspot name and password will be sent to your hardware device on STEP 2 and that device will be connected to your router using this info so make sure you enter correct info on this step.


Now follow on screen instructions. Press and hold setup button of your hardware device for 4 to 5 seconds. Once your hardware device is in setup mood, you will see its hotspot name appear on screen. Now connect to this hotspot and come back to app. If your mobile connected with hardware device then wait for few seconds so device can be connected with internet. Once device is connected then enter the room name to save the device in your account.

Remember! Hardware device also called asset and you can change its settings from HOME screen as admin.

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