High Power Mini Switch

Switch high power appliances like water motor, sign boards with timers, mobile app and voice commands.
High Power Mini Switch


This high power mini switch also supports manual/external rocker button switching. External switch can also work as 2-way switch.

  • Control using Good Life android app

  • Control using Google Home app on iPhone

  • Manually operate switch with external 1-way or 2-way button

  • Operate with voice commands using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

  • Support 16 on device timers that also works when device is offline

  • Support up to 12A or 2640 watts power load

  • Long range wifi external antenna.

Wiring Diagram

Left without manual switch - right with manual switch

Please turn off main power supply before installing Mini Switch. Connect output powers first then neutral wire and live wire in the end. Tighten the screws and make sure no wire make any electric connection with any other wire to avoid damage to switch and wiring. If needed, also wire up external button as shown in diagram.