Smart Power Monitoring

Monitor real time power, current and voltage. Get detailed 30 days and 12 months billing info.


Smart Power Monitoring is a WiFi device that comes with following features.

  • Realtime monitoring of Power, Voltage & Current.

  • Get detailed last 30 days and last 12 months billing info.

  • Supports 15A or 3500 watts load.

  • Control using Good Life android app.

  • Control using Google Home app on iPhone.

  • Manually operate switch with on device button.

  • Operate with voice commands using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

  • Support 16 on device timers that also works when device is offline.

Wiring Diagram

Please turn off main power supply before installing device. Connect wires as shown above or follow label on device.

Setup Mode

Press and hold on device setup button for 5 seconds. Blue WiFi light will start blinking rapidly. Device is now in setup mode. Follow Add Device ( to add Smart Power Monitoring device in your account.

Unit Rate

Tap menu icon on device screen and move slider to adjust your unit rate (including taxes) and press save button. Unit rate settings will apply in realtime.

Status LED Light

In normal operation mode, following blue LED status are available

  • STABLE ON: Device is connected with wifi router and internet. Device should operate using mobile app and voice commands

  • BLINKING SLOW: Device is connected with wifi router but internet is not available. Device will not operate using mobile app or voice commands.

  • BLINKING FAST: Device is not connected with wifi router either because of low wifi signal or router is powered off. Device will not operate using mobile app or voice commands.

  • LIGHT OFF: Device is powered off and no operation will work.

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